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The Ilford charts are pretty loose IMO. You're still guestimating times when the X and Y don't intersect on a given time combination. For instance, how long is the required exposure with an indicated 2 second exposure on this chart?

Run some test. You don't need to use much film; strip tests using the dark slide will give you a pretty good starting point. Ektar's pretty forgiving, so your results might not be as varied as you currently think they'll be.

That would be 5 seconds
. You simply look across to the numbers on the right hand side. You can make the chart easier to use by printing it off with a grid.

I have used the ILFORD charts for a long time and they have never let me down.

The EKTAR 100 film and processing is far too expensive for me to squander on testing that Kodak should have done for us, the paying customers, in the first place.

What did you do when you were finding out that EKTAR 100 was pretty forgiving?