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I just picked up a Sears KSX-P. I'm pretty impressed with it. I'm used to the post-Walmart world where a store-branded product is cheap crap. This looks like Sears had some pride in their photographic offerings. Looking over the owner manual, I think the Sears was actually nicer than the Chinon CP-5 it was rebranded from. The Chinon's markings aren't as intuitive as the Sear's ("L" vs "Off" - I know which one is more obvious to me).

I also got a Ricoh 50mm F2 lens. Plastic body, but good damping and darned near pancake depth. So far it seems like a fun little camera.
The 50mm f2.0 that came with my Sears body is probably a Ricoh lens as well. Might even be the same lens. The mechanical parts are in like-new shape. Everything moves and functions as it should. Just need to wait for some film to return to check everything else. I'm quite impressed the the feel of this camera and the quality as well. Every bit as nice as any of my Nikon EMs.