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A 210, a 210, and a 210.

That's what I've got anyway.

That's my collection for 5x7 (a very sharp Computar Symmetrigon 210/f6.3). But my 5x7 use is not very high these days as I tend to grab the 8x10 for most of my work, and the 11x14 when I am feeling crazed. Backpacking tends to call for the Rolleiflex, or the 4x5 if I am feeling brave. So the 5x7 just sits there, waiting patiently. I do have a 159mm/f12.5 that is suppose to cover 8x10, but refuses to do so sharply or cover the corners brightly, so that may be introduced to the 5x7 when it sees some daylight. Do not feel the need to go longer.