I have had a failure of an led used as a safelight. See post #5 in this thread.

Short background: I started a thread in January about led lights and relays. (see http://www.apug.org/forums/forum43/1...mers-heat.html ) I was considering changing out the tungsten white lights in my darkroom with leds and was asking about heat. That issue has been resolved, however, I have to admit I have never gotten around to changing the tungsten bulbs. In any event, the discussion turned to leds and relays (also resolved) and then to another thread in June (see http://www.apug.org/forums/forum43/1...9-99-safe.html ) to using leds for safelights.

The result of all this is that I ordered and installed and tested two of the leds mentioned in the original post of the June thread. (see entries #8, and then #20, where I eat a small bit of crow)

I am disappointed to report that one of the leds has failed. I do not know why, and I realize that one is not a sample. I have ordered two more since the price of two bulbs and shipping is just over $10. I will replace the failed one and have the other as a spare.

I hope that I just got a bad unit, but would be interested in any other (albeit anecdotal) experiences with any failures in led lights.

I did have the safelights switched through the enlarger timer. The prior discussion was concerned with the led possibly damaging the timer and not the other way around. I had inadvertently left the timer and safelights on for a couple of days (normally turn everything off when not using the darkroom, but I wouldn’t think that’s the cause. However, almost immediately after doing so, the bad bulb first went dim, and then out completely.

I’ve got a lot of printing to do in the near future, so the replacement bulb will get a good workout. We’ll see.