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TFC, I'm using 1.5:1:200 at 60min for TF4+ with an SBR of 6, per Sandy King's input. I'm thinking of trying that. with a upward time adjustment of 1.125:1, since I'm seeing that with most developers, that's about what HP5+ requires compared to FP4+.

I was hoping to get some input from others using that film, developer and agitation method.

Robert, I'm after the micro-contrast that occurs with the localized exhaustion of the developer in contact with the high-density areas of exposure. It's a feature, not a bug.
That seems like an awfully long time. How do the negatives print? Minimal agitation doesn't like overdevelopment. I use 1.5:1:175 for around 40 minutes at 70F with a normal negative. I agitate vigorously and continuously for the 1st minute and then for 10 seconds halfway through development. They can look pretty thin and still print beautifully because there's so much stain.