Having serviced Graphex, Supermatic, Compur shutters the major cause for wear that results in a speed dial that has to be swedged to get the speeds correct is heavy use or running them until the stop working. The shutters that I have serviced that were run until they stopped working or were so far off that compensating was difficult were the ones that needed the most swedging to get correct. They were the ones that had broken parts. They are the ones that the speeds were all over the place requiring the most tweaking of a single speed or two to get them all within tolerance. The heavy wear shutters were consistent across the speed range and easier to adjust once cleaned and correctly lubed. All rim set shutters weather made by US or them other countries are similar in operation and mechanical make up. The pins, posts and levers that contact the main dial are all spring tensioned. In the uncocked state there is no tension applied to them so they put little pressure on the main dial which results in the dial being easier to turn than it is when the shutter is cocked.

Then there are those self cocking "press" shutters that are always in the cocked state until tripped.