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HP5+ and stand/semi-stand in Pyrocat-HD is sublime. Unbelievable edge effects. I develop in BTZS tubes (8x10). It takes 1200ml of diluted developer to fill an 8x10 tube (standing), therefore, my dilution is 1:1:240 (5ml A + 5ml B + 1200ml water).
My development time is 1 hour. I agitate (by rolling) for the first minute, then about 5 secs every 20 minutes. I always remove the film after I agitate, invert and reinsert.
It is wise to shoot a backup just incase of excessive bromide drag or mottling. I used to have these issues, but inverting the film inside the tube has eliminated them.

I should also add that stand development is not recommended for all types of images. A negative where the local contrasts are high, and lots of textures, would work very well. I once semi-stood a negative which had a softly lit scene with fog... and it just looks yucky.
In a sense, this is very similar to what I'm doing. Thanks for the input.

I can see that I do need to have a method for more continuous-tone images.