The XE-7 I have has the smoothest film advance compared to all my others - Minolta or other brands. Have you compared it to an XE-7 or any other camera?
For instance, according to MIR review of the F3 it states, "Through the use of eleven ball bearings in its shutter and film winding assemblies (most cameras use only one or two) the F3 represents a big advance in smooth and quiet operation. And to reduce film winding torque even more, Nikon created a completely new film winding mechanism and interconnecting gear trains for the most efficient transmission of energy." My F3 is smooth but near the end of the stroke, there is a "catch" that requires a little extra effort while the XE-7 is gliding smooth all the way through. To your point - as good a condition as my F3's are in, they are not in factory new so they may not be as smooth as they were originally.
It's too bad they don't identify the amount of torque in the specifications as that would provide a good reference to judge the condition particularly of the older cameras.