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I need a good home for a medium sized collection of darkroom equipment in variable condition . . . from great condition to needs some help. We've not used it in a long time and would absolutely hate to see any of it wind up in a landfill. They don't make stuff like this anymore and likely never will again. We'll give the whole lot away for free to anyone who's willing to take ALL of it and is able to pick it up in Eastern Massachusetts in the next few weeks.

* Multiple enlargers availableOmega DII including 3 condensers and 3 Wollensak lensesOmega D3-V with variable condenserBeseler 45M with 2 lensesBeseler 23C model II* Stainless steel and plastic tanks and reels* Negative Carriers (for 35mm, 2 1/4 and 4x5)* Trays (5x7, 11x14, 12x16)* Ilford Multigrade Filter set (6x6 inches)* Saunders-Omega 4-bladed Enlarging Easel (11x14)* Timers (2 Time-o-lite, 1 GE)* Kodak Safelight (Wratten Oc Filter)* Thermometer (Fisherbrand)* Light-proof “black bag” (with 2 arm holes)* Cibachrome Color Filter Set (6x6 inches)* Cibachrome Mark II Color Processing Drums* And More . . .
Did these ever find a home?