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4x5 cameras vary: I can safely put my Chamonix with old Angulon 90/6.8 on my lightest tripod, one designed rather for compact cameras (with no much tilt, however), but for tilting my monorail Cambo with Tele-Arton 360/5.5 something much sturdier and heavier is needed (I use Foba tripod and 3D head for this).

BTW: tripods are good for travelling as they are folding, but for studio work a camera stand, like Cambo SCS, might be better (I consider getting one).
I do the same because I can put my small Slick tripod inside my backpack when I'm predominantly working hand-held. I've larger Slik, Majestic and Manfrotto tripods and use these where I know using a tripod isn't an issue. There's so many good tripods that it's just personal choice, all mine have been second-hand since the early 1970's except the small Slik.