Hogwash. My incidences of crossover with Crystal Archive amounts to 0%. If someone is having this problem, it's not the fault of the paper.
Do your homework. Even the mfg literature has now been revised to alleviate the misunderstanding about the suitabilty of these products for
optical printing. I don't need to ask labowner's about it. I am a world-class printmaker. And if I did want to get a second opinion, I almost
daily talk with people who own multimillion dollar labs doing both optical and digital printing. In fact, one of them is asking me to take over
their business now that they're nearing retirement - but I'm simply not interested in printing other people's work. I'll bet the alleged crossover
issues are due to incorrect exposure or color balancing of the color negs in the first place, or scanner issues where that has been introduced
into the workflow. And frankly, Mr Frotog, I use higher quality light control in my enlargers than any commercial lab in the world. So I understand the distinctions here. You can either take my advice of leave it ... I really don't care. But maybe someone is tuning in who would like to get involved in their own color printing will appreciate some straight information that has been thoroughly tested in ways you don't even know how to articulate! So stop discouraging them with empty rumors and accusations of flaky product quality. Crystal Archive papers
will make a wonderful marriage with optical enlargers, but not with incompetence or mis-informed preconceptions!