I have a very good condition Reflex 1A that I would like to start using, but the shutter blades need cleaning and if I go to 1/25 or slower it actually speeds up. Seems to be consistant down to 1/50 sec.

What would be the best cleaner to use in this case? Naptha? 99% 2-propanol? Electronics grade methanol?

I've seen a few sites on how to disassemble the lenses to get to the shutter, but nothing on how to get it put back together properly. Any suggestions, warnings, hints on getting everything back together would be greatly appreciated.

These sites are for the reflex II, but I'm guessing it's quite similar or the same for the 1A, since it's just an upgraded Reflex.


I don't think the camera is worth having a professional CLA done, but would like to use it as I've heard the Anastar lenses are quite nice.