I've got three different types of CAII in my lab right now, up to 40-inch wide rolls. All of them are within 5 cc's of green balance of the older
Super C. Otherwise, they differ only in surface sheen and contrast characteristics. I have no interest in getting in a food fight over this, but
I thought the idea of APUG was to encourage the use of analog products, not discourage. For some strange reason, I just happen to believe
that professional Fuji and Kodak engineers actually know what they're doing, and might be a little more dependable than some web rant.
The quality of these papers are superb and predictable. And yes, if you have a reasonably good colorhead, a simple drum processor, fresh
ra4 chem, and enough common sense to wear gloves and have good ventilation, you can make excellent prints in a home darkroom. And I would seriously question the competence of any alleged pro printer who can't figure out Crystal Archive. The remaining big pro labs in this
area use exactly the same paper under their enlargers as in their Lightjets and Chromiras. And yes, I do have a slight edge with my fancy
custom additive enlargers, but I also still have an old conventional Chromega colorhead that would provide suitable results. In some ways
color neg printing is even easier in a darkroom than black and white printing, and is generally less expensive. Don't be intimidated by it.