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Can someone please explain to me what makes a developer a "monobath"?
It's a developer with fixer incorporated it develops faster than it fixes so you get normal negatives.

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What I could never understand is why someone would have ever chosen to use a monobath unless the situation demanded it (spy developing film in a hotel room or something like that). No matter how optimized the formula is, a monobath is always a compromise, never ideal.
If a monobath is optimised it can give results no different to a normal dev then fix sequence.

The advantage is they aren't temperature dependent (over a reasonable range) and you process to finality. So there's no need for a thermometer or timer/clock.

The big disadvantage is they really do need fine tuning for a specific film or paper and this is why they mainly get used for applied applications, such as this dental monobath. I worked on them for an industrial application and it was suggested we make one available commercially for paper processing.