Unless there is visible oil on the shutter blades, I would not try to clean them. I would have thought that shutter speed problems are more likely to be the shutter mechanism than the actual shutter blades. I have successfully cleaned (cleaned enough, that is) a Compur Rapid shutter mechanism by flushing with naptha - like yours, the camera was not worth enough to warrant paying for professional cleaning.

Mostly, I find shutters will start to behave if I sit and dry-fire the shutter a few dozen times (i.e. with no film in the camera). I would try this before I attempted to dismantle anything. Dry-firing will not damage anything but dismantling can (usually does if I try it).

Last thought - if the shutter is fine down to 1/50, why worry? I cannot think of the last time I used 1/25 or slower on any camera. Fast speeds and slow speeds usually have separate mechanisms (Compur and Gauthier, any way) and if the fast speed part is fine, just don't use the slow speeds.