I have two (2) White Realist 3D cameras for sale, and one will come with the original Realist Flash. I've used one of these on one occasion (my finances are VERY limited), and the results were quite good! Very sharp pictures! However, the magic comes when you mount the slides and take a look! Mounting is obviously the critical step in the use of the Realist; the best composed, best lit photos won't mean much if you don't get the images properly aligned! If there were a larger market for these, I'd put some effort into making a jig to hold and align the slide prior to mounting; as it is, it's trial and error to align the slides before you permanently seal the mount.

Mounts and a viewer can be found on Fleabay and other sites for not much money. Your biggest expense will be quality slide film and processing.

The optics on both cameras are very good; clean glass, no scratches or fungus. Shutter speeds sound accurate. Alignment of the rangefinder mirrors is good as well. Keeping your hands out of the way while trying to take a photo requires a little practice!

If you have kids, making 3D pix could be a great 2-weekend project, especially if the weather's bad and they can't get outside. Use the 1st weekend to set up and photograph; have the film developed during the week; then align, mount and view during the 2nd weekend! 3D pix of their model toys, pets, whatever! Let them choose and pose the subject, you set up the shutter speed, aperture and lighting.

Asking $50 per camera, plus $20 for the flash. S/H will be $13.50 for USPS Priority Flat Rate Medium Box for 1 camera; $16.50 for Flat Rate Large Box for both. The flash is more for show unless you have access to flash bulbs!

First to pay via Paypal to dr.david.child@gmail.com has first option for the flash.

White Realist 3D with Flash.jpg White Realist 3D - no flash.jpg