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That's a little bitter?
There is hardly a photo enthusiast site that does not take the tack that they never want to celebrate the fact that someone is truly more talented than them, more successful than them or more brilliant than them, every single site! Moreover, the stars in the photography world don't even post on sites like this for the most part...I know several of them, they are put off by the way amateur camera owners seem to always find fault or put down very successful pros, I am too.

But like it or not guys, there will always be the star in the photography world and it will be solely the product of volumes of raw talent coupled with boundless tenacity. I think it is hard for many on a site like this to think about because quite often on all photo sites, there is this BS notion that being a pro is not as fun as being an amateur. In the case of being the star, you could not be more wrong.

Every pursuit in which one can be celebrated for being exceptionally talented, there are egos....it is not humanly possible to engage in society at some level without one, it is a common outlier in our way of being.

But yeah....photo centric websites avoid giving a great photographer his or her due on a regular basis. For some odd reason, it seems much easier to say "Great Capture" to some uber boring picture and feel good about the small world people tend to want to live in.

I call that living a lie..