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Instead of putting your paper on the baseboard, or on a black card covering the baseboard, try a dark-red piece of mounting card. You can mark the required paper position in pencil (for ease of removal) at the time of framing and focussing, then easily see the marks to place your paper due to them showing up well under safelighting. No red-filter needed. Alternatively , make up a filter holder from a bit of foamboard etc. and put some rubylith in there.
Can you expand on this? I am unclear how a dark red piece of mounting card means that no red filter is needed? It may be that I can't work out how the red piece of card is used to act as a substitute for the red filter. Thanks

On a separate point and not related to MartinP's quote I am at a loss to understand what the relevance of a combination of Y and M giving a red colour has to the need to safely protect the paper. A combination of Y and M is used in dual filtration exposure so cannot protect the paper, can it?

I assume that AgX's post talking about log 1 was actually saying that the strength of the max red combination of Y and M isn't enough to give the kind of protection needed for paper so therefore doesn't qualify as a safety filter. Am I right?

Maybe it was only me who found the reference to Y and M giving max red confusing as an answer to whether this combo qualifies as a safety filter