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"the Poloroid camera is based on a monobath" should say "the Poloroid B&W peel-apart system is based on a monobath"

I know monobaths were used in some early B&W reconnaissance satellites.

Neville Maude's article "The Rise & Fall of the Monobath" in the BJP Annual (can't remember off hand if it was 1972 or 76) states that the US research was sponsored by the US Air force and they were working with 40" wide film. H.S. Keeling an was using Phenidone based PQ monobaths as soon as it was commercially available in the early 1950's.

In the UK a commercial monobath "Develofix" was available and reviewed in 1913 by the BJP. Mees and Sheppard a pair of chemists in the UK just out of University worked on Monobaths they pointed out that development was deep in the emulsion but that the effects of the solvent (thiosulphate) were greatest at the surface.

I've a around 30+ pages of notes on Monobaths as well as quite a few Patents and articles and it would be useful to collate it all, unfortunately I have little time at the moment as I've just moved house and much of my stuff is in storage.

As Vaughn points out Monobaths are capable of excellent fine grain and sharpness, and my experience is with the balance right there's no loss in Dmax.