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Actually, for the lenses on my 11x14 I use a Kodak Polycontrast Filter Kit box. My hat of choice lately is an old felt fedora -- but it has a hole in it (other than where I stick my head in), so I need to tape up the hole if I want to use it for a shutter!
Get a decent shutter, maybe not . . . . . . . . . . . . let me buy them all first

The bigger Thornton Pickard roller-blind shutters don't turn up very often but when they do they tend to sell for slightly higher prices (if accurately described). They are very practical 1/15th to 1/90th + T, not all have speed indicators though. I have a few larger ones and have fitted some to the front of large Petztvals for others.. There's two types, front mounted and between lens and camera (just the way the casing's made).