Hi all,

I've been reading a lot of excellent threads in this forum, but this is the first time I post. My companions are a Nikon Fm2 with a VC Ultron 40mm 2.0 lens, and sometimes a Holga (when I feel like escaping perfection).

I still consider myself quite a beginner when it come to film, and following some advice on this forum I decided to start focusing on one film and one developer, and since I don't mind grain I did chose Tri-X and Rodinal (R09 One shot)
I've been getting some ok results by using a semi-stand method (1:100, 1 hour, slow agitation for 1st minute, one invert and twist at 30min), but the contrast is lacking.
So, I'm looking for some guidance in finding a method for maintaining the "pop" (I guess some call it micro-contrast?), and still get a high contrast negative with darker (almost black) shadows and more pronounced whites.

If I understand things somewhat correctly:
Overexpose and under develop seems to be a solution for getting darker shadows, and not necessarily blowing the highlights? But then I suppose the "pop" I get in the mid-tones from the high diluted semi/stand would suffer?

I suppose I could shoot at box speed and start experimenting with the directions given by the massive dev chart. But I fear that they are optimized for a more balanced look than the one I'm looking for (with the higher contrast and mid tone "pop"), and I really would like it if I could start with a recipe closer to my end goal and start experimenting from there.

Any advice is more than welcome

Have an excellent day/night