Hi all,

I picked up a Horseman 8 exp 6x9 roll film holder for my 2x3 Crown Graphic. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I made the purchase that I did the research to find that it isn't a perfect fit. I've seen this referenced on a few other pages but nothing that is giving me explicit information about where the mod need to be done for sure. This link includes a post (fifth post down, by Sebastian) that describes the issue as being because of the ridge along the left side of the Graflok back on the camera being too high. Can anyone confirm this? It seems that some others believed that the issue was with the grooves where the sliding locks fit. Apparently, if the ridge is actually the problem, then filing down the grooves will make the back appear to fit but the film plane will not be level.

I'm wondering if anyone here has had personal experience modifying a Horseman back to fit a 2x3 Crown Graphic's graflok back? Lets please keep this on topic. I know that I can buy other backs. That's not the point. I'm interested in learning where the mismatch is between the camera and the Horseman back and what modification solves this. Thanks!