That's because it's a very, very beta process. In fact, it's so low in terms of development and research that I took 200ml of the essential solutions home and am slowly working my way through the process in hopes of delivering more information. Effectively, it's a silver/iron process that when paired with selenium toning (pure, not KRST style with thiosulfate involved) it has the appearance and DMAX of a good PT/PD print, except very cheap by comparison. Beta is the keyword here. Sullivan focused his attention to the Oil Print, AKA Rawlings Print which we're almost %90 dialed. More on that at APIS, but it's very exciting. In a sense, he gets very focused and hands off projects for the rest of us.

Here's the best break-down of our Athenatype postings:

Sorry, wish I was a better chemist and could provide more information.


The reason why you find a lot with fumed silica is that the discovery of the two coincided chronologically, so it got mixed in with the other projects at the SkunkWorks. At the moment, we have about 5-6 experiments going on all the time. It's hard to keep things straight with a bunch of creative types.