The series As Far As I Could Get (1996–2010), five works of which are included in the LACMA exhibition, has Divola once again engaging with the natural environment, but this time in a more performative vein. Divola positioned his camera on a tripod, set the timer for ten seconds, and then ran straight into the established frame. At one level, this was a completely dispassionate endeavor. On another level, because the resulting pictures depict a man in a landscape, not in a controlled experimental setting, the viewer cannot suppress a frisson of physical and emotional tension. The works engage the viewer with the natural landscape―a landscape altered by human presence and staged to serve as a theater for creative activity.

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It clearly states how he makes it, in the article... does the above quote from AgX link answer your question?... also not to criticize, but i feel it lacking... specifically it doesn't speak to me. I don't feel like questioning the scene, nor do i feel it brings me in (but then again, i'm a bit turpid).

My question is, what about it attracted you to it?