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Are there any other factors I should be taking into account when setting the exposure?
The only other thing to watch out for is if you use TTL metering. Putting an ND in front of a lens, and/or stopping down a lot with stop-down metering can lead to incorrect metring due to stray light coming in through the eyepiece.
It's easy enough to get around it, press your eye really hard-up against the eye-piece, use the view-finder blind if your camera has one, or use an external meter. Otherwise, no issues that i can think of.

I also just devved a Delta 3200 last week, I exposed at 3200 and used the times from the MDC at 3200 (Xtol 1+0, 20C, 7.5 mins). Actually, I was closer to 8 mins at 21C, I always add a bit because I prefer shadow detail and I still never manage to blow highlights when pushing (delta/tmax/trix in xtol), next time I'll go a bit longer again.