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I'm not quite sure where this came from:

Kodak monobath film developer-fixer (1961)
Sodium sulfite 50 g
Phenidone 4 g
Hydroquinone 12 g
Sodium thiosulfate (penta) 110 g
Sodium hydroxide 4 g
Develop film 4 - 7 minutes at 23C (or until fully fixed)
To mix, add the Phenidone to the water, but do not mix. Add a pinch of the hydroquinone. Add the remaining ingredients in the order given, and mix to dissolve the Phenidone. Then add the remaining hydroquinone. Dissolve the sodium hydroxide separately in a small volume of water before adding it to the mix.

It's Grant Haist's NN-1 formula. It can contain Gluteraldehyde 25% 8ml (hardener) to prevent softening of the emulsion.

Grant Haist's Monobath MM-1

Sodium Sulphite (Anhyd) 50.0g
Hydroquinone 12.0g
Phenidone 4.0g
Sodium Hydroxide 4.0g
Sodium Thiosulphate 110.0g
Gluteraldehyde 25% 8ml
Water to 1 litre

Do not dilute for use.
Process for 6 min's at 20c. Agitation for first 30 seconds then 15 sec's every minute on the minute. To adjust the contrast use greater or lesser amounts of Hypo. Use of more will result in a softer image, less increases contrast.