I have had all sorts of problems with Henry's over the years. They say they have something in stock yet when I drive there, they do not have it. They have ordered the wrong things multiple times and the list goes on and on. I now order as much as possible from Big Camera. Rob, the owner is a great guy and gets right back to you and almost always ships the next day.

He actually is a film shooter himself and is very knowledgeable. He sells some great LF cameras and film in all sizes from 35mm on up, all sorts of papers, both fiber and RC. He also sells a nice variety of chemicals. His prices are very competitive and his shipping charges are nominal, he doesn't seem to inflate them a cent. Sure I have to pay for shipping, but it is a 45 minute ride to the closes Henry's for me so that is gas and time.

Honestly, since I have started with Big Camera I am not going anywhere else as long as Rob can get what I need. Don