This all part of another nonessential, GAS driven, poorly thought out project of mine.

I'm still putting together my bargain Nikon kit, my go to lenses with my Pentax and M42 gear are 135mm and 28mm, which I don't have in Nikon.

I'm looking for first, a really cheap third party 135mm/2.8 (Kiron,Vivitar,Focal, Sears, J.C.Penny,Whatever) Pretty much a situation of the odder the better. I like the look of old glass on B&W. My only requirement is that I'd like to stick with made in Japan.

Same requirements on a 28mm/2.8.

Other primes, not sure whats out there in old/MF/odd/cheap.

Since I didn't/don't need another system and this is just another GAS adventure, I don't have a lot of budget to throw at this.