My experiences with Henry's staff have been really hit and miss. When I tried to order a B&W contrast filter the kid on the phone said "Why bother, you're just going to scan the negative in anyways, you can adjust the contrast then." *sigh*

When I was trying to search down Rodinal it took asking three guys in the store before anyone had even heard of it. However, the one guy who did know, knew that it was now sold as Blazinol and gave me the product code to order it (I didn't want to order it right then, silly me). When I tried to order it months later, no one on the phones could find it in the system. I was in there two weeks ago and on a whim asked the girl at the counter if they could order it, and without the product code she was able to find it and order it for me. I got it three days later.

So basically, Henry's staff are a crap shoot. At least on the digital side they all seem to have a clue (even if they have opinions I don't agree with). It's nice that at Henry's everyone is at least a photo enthusiast; which is more than I can say at any big box store.

I've had good experiences with US orders through (great phone service) and B&H (cheap shipping that has yet to cause any issues with the UPS or customs).