My experience with Henry's is not all that bad. Granted, I don't ask them for advise on film or darkroom related things. I do my research online and then check who has the product(s) I'm looking for. Henry's has a good website so I check whether they have what I'm looking for. If it's not on their website, I think that you can safely assume that they don't/won't have it. If it is on their website but not in the store of your choice, you can have it delivered at the store at no additional charge within a few days. This works for me and I still buy things at Henry's without frustration.

An other decent source for film in Ottawa is Galaxy Camera on Bank St (near Catherine St). They still have the largest selection of (mainstream) film, nothing exotic though and of course not as cheap as the big US stores like B&H. But not to the extend that I won't buy my film there. Overall, Canada is a bit of a sad country when it comes to availability of darkroom materials. Ilford products are still fairly good available but other than that you'll have to shop cross-border. Although is a new store in that has a refreshing assortments of products. I recently ordered there and it was on my doorstep a few days later.