I'd like to sell or trade away these booklets, which I've gotten with gear that is now gone or will be soon gone. All are in English or have the normal spread of languages. Shipping from 92116, San Diego, CA.

Will trade for film in 35mm or 120 or 4x5, or sell for $5 per booklet, or 5 for $20.


Pellix Owners Manual
FD Lens Instructions
FD 50mm f/3.5 SSC Macro Instructions
Products Guide (Fold out poster style, has F1 and A1, amongst others)
"A" Series Guide (A1, AT1, AE1, AV1)
Speedlite 188A


Asahi Spotmatic (One in original bag $10, one without bag)
Honeywell Spotmatic Operating Manual
K1000 Operating Manual ($2 for this, rough shape)
Asahi Bellows II (Slide Copier)
Asahi ME
IQZoom 700
Asahi Takumar Lenses (x3, all slightly different models included)
Asahi K-mount Lenses


Kodak "Good Color Pictures, quick and easy"
Sun Auto Zoom 85-210 f/4.8 (Pistol Grip) $2