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Why would someone want to use what I see as a semi-stand development with rapid exhaustion developer?

What is the goal?
I would imagine Rapid Exhaustion Dev. is a relative and subjective term to each of us. That said, edge effects and more importantly micro contrast manipulation / control is a direct product of developer exhaustion, reduced agitation and length of time in concert with one another.

I have used strictly FP 4 and HP 5 and Pyrocat HD for nearly 10 years with Extreme Reduced Agitation development and can speak to almost any environmental conditions which can be photographed.

I have and will continue to say, the process, as near a magic bullet as you could hope for is much more about the creative manipulation of scene contrast than any sharpness gain, perceived or otherwise.

If there is interest I can share what my HP 5 development times are.

Cheers, SS