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Thanks, everyone. I guess a professional appraiser is the way to go. No, the $800 offer didn't sound like a scam - it came from someone who clearly collects such things (judging by their eBay store). And thanks for the assurance that the dogs are sleeping. I sure hope so. But knowing the Victorians....
Well, if this potential buyer is also a seller, think about it this way:
He's running a business, and would not offer something unless he thinks he can make a profit on it, so maybe it's worth more than the $800. So it's up to you to decide to either:
- Take the guaranteed $800.
- List it yourself at $1 no reserve auction, take the gamble that there's at least two people who might want it to outbid each other past $800, or that if noone else notices the auction you might get less.
- Stick it up for a 'buy it now' of something like $1500. It might take a while to sell at such a high price, could take a year, but eventually someone will see it who's willing and able to pay that much.

If you really need the money and need it quick, take the $800 (you can do legal/safe things like end the auction early and send him a second-chance offer at $800, you'll still pay ebay/paypal fees but you're paying for their protection), if you want to gamble just list it no-reserve, or if you'd rather hold out for more money then post it with a higher buy-it-now price.

But yeah, a professional appraisal sounds like a good idea first, maybe the frame is real gold?

ps, those dogs are just pooped after a long day, they're the type of dogs you hunt with, not the type you hunt.