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I didnt know they stopped production of provia 400X!
I havnt even tried that film yet, i take it its more grainy than provia 100, but from what i understand its still very fine grain considering its such a high speed reversal film. Some people seem to like its contrast better than provia 100, which is interesting.
Unfortunately yes, it's canceled, but you can still find plenty of it. There are a couple of threads here about the cancelation, or at least one.

I bought 10 rolls right away and popped them in the freezer. I'm about to buy 10 more. I really like it. Yes, it's a bit grainy but not bad for a 400 slide film. And it's less contrasty than Provia 100 and just a great film for the speed.

All the E6 films I liked are gone - Astia, E100G/Elitechrome, and now Provia 400X. I can work with Provia 100 (just shot a roll of the rebranded Precisa version) but it's a bit too contrasty and a bit too slow for my tastes. I personally rarely need or want something like Velvia though it has legions of fans. I think I'll pick up a few rolls for fall colors though.