I just bought a second hand 'new' unused development kit.

Everything was unopened including the chemicals which date back to 1996:

Ilford Wetting Agent 250ml
Ilford Stop Bath 500ml
Barclay Black and White Developer 1 litre
Barclay Black and White Universal Fixer 1 litre
Barclay Black and White Paper Developer 1 litre

I have been advised that everything but the developer (and perhaps the paper developer) will be OK including the photographic paper.

Therefore I ordered Ilford Ilfosol 3 developer with 4 rolls of film I haven't tried yet

Ilford: FP4+ 35mm, Delta 3200 Pro, Delta 100 Pro, and Pan-F+ 50

I have most other equipment except graduates which a friend of mine is supplying.

I was wondering if the Ilford developer will be Ok with the Barclay fixer.
This is my first time posting here so I am all excited about developing and printing. I only used XP2 before and the lab results weren't great which brings me here...

I also will be looking for an enlarger (2nd hand/used) and need advice about this or pointed in the right direction.

And... I wonder about a good quality scanner. I know the Epson V500, V600, V700 are all good although a bit expensive for the time being. Are the mini ones complete garbage or should I just save for an Epson?

Many Thanks,