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Ken, I didn't see the missing 68 degree stop or notice the increments. I was thinking about the present unit. The Model D appears to be the one. All cold and all hot can come off the incoming lines. I'm making carbon prints so the hot only is needed. The cold only water too. In Everett the water is very clean and consistent. It's a little warmer in the summer but that's ok.
Then you are also supplied from Spada Lake. When I first moved here in 1989 the water was simply drawn from the lake, filtered, and sent directly to my tap. Best water I ever tasted. It's chlorinated now though. Still good, but not as tasty. I'd bet the trip across Ebey Island in those above-ground main supply pipes along the Highway 2 trestle is where it's heating up a bit in the summer.

If you do go the Intellifaucet route, consider filtering both your hot and cold lines upstream of the unit. Dave Hass told me it saves wear and tear on the solenoid-driven valves. He said the units are designed to last damn near forever, but that when they do fail it's almost always the valves.

He also said filtering down to 10-microns was sufficient, but I've always used 1-micron filters. They don't cost any more, don't clog too quickly since the water is so clean already, and give me some peace of mind for protection of the expensive investment. I've been using my K250 maintenance-free for 10+ years without a single problem.

If you're interested, I have a local source in Snohomish that orders the 1-micron cartridges for me, since most places don't normally carry them.

Good luck.