I just scanned this image from a freshly developed roll. An other film I shot with my pinhole camera in the same week as the previous cat images. I had this Monthly Shooting Assignment in my mind when I shot four films with this camera in one week. But it was my holiday so it wasn't too difficult to plan a shooting window at some days at noon, without annoying the family too much.


I made this image with my pinhole camera from a boat on the water. It was cloudy and a little bit of wind rocked the boat softly.
I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out. The exposure was 40 seconds so I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but is has a nice hint of "Pictorialism". So (somewhat proudly) I would like to enter this image into this Monthly Shooting Assignment Sept/Oct 2013.

camera: old Gevabox converted into a pinhole camera (6x9 cm negative)
film: Konica PRO 400 roll film (expired)
exposure: 40 seconds
developer: C-41 by a professional lab
scanner: Epson 3200 PHOTO & Silverfast software (no digital rework what so ever though)