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Like I said... whatever you like. I often personally enjoy viewing work that has exactly zero influence on my own. And I even partially overlapped sponsorship with same pool of curators back then, though I was more in tune with the classic "West Coast School" of photog of
the central Calif coast, even though my own work was sufficient distinct and almost entirely in color back then. But I had enough of those
curator types at my own dinner table to hear their own jokes about their own profession. What they "have" to do, or are expected to do,
to keep up public interest with the "new" doesn't always jive with their personal taste.

I strongly disagree with the action of doing something you dislike, but i am interesting in knowing about this old 'west coast school' of photog kinda deal... and as to the curators, does this not resemble the same thing going on today, people see a trend, then go on search for a similar type of artwork, but there's always someone pushing the envelope.