First, what I am about to say applies to cameras I am willing to toss in the garbage because they are not worth fooling with anyway. I have always disregarded warnings about electric shock, no user serviceable parts inside, etc. I take things apart for fun! Besides, I payed less than $6 for my cameras. except the Yashicamat
I have done similar cleanups with multiple flushings of naptha on a few cameras; canonet 17, konica c35 auto, konica auto s2, and finally after lots of practice, my Yashicamat 124. Each time they gum up again after 50 or 100 shutter releases. I end up using (after removing any lenses) chlorine free brake cleaning fluid; two or three flushes with that stuff and it gets freed up. The next problem is there is no oil anywhere in the mechanism and you have to add some in just the right places. The layers of rings, bearings surfaces, springs and friction points would all turn to a locked up metal mess without some oil. I wont say what kind of oil I use or how I know where to put tiny amounts of it cause its a guess from staring at the guts and figuring our what metal contacts metal. I have disassembled each of those cameras shutters to study them.