Steve thanks for the more detailed reply about your technique. I think the danger is that many don't appreciate the differences a high acutance developer can make and assume what works for one will work for them regardless of the format which is why I brought format into the equation. I remember testing a number of them in the early 1970's and with 35mm films the effects were often too extreme on 120 much more interesting and on large format. Acutol-S was probably the more extreme of these High acutance developers and the edge effects more graphic than Pyrocat but this is also related to the grain size which is coarse with Acutol-S and fine with Pyrocat.

I'm not sure I'd call your method "Extreme" reduced agitation as it sits somewhere between arbitrary categories but I think you've evolved your own methodology to suit your needs.

I must try FP4 with Pyrocat, (I've not used the film since 1986) but I find the HP5 / Pyrocat HD combination quite magical and I've used it for quite a number of exhibition images so I'd expect to be equally as pleased.