Thanks Rafal.

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PS. I believe you would get significant all-over chemical fog if the developer were so out of balance, that the restrainer would not do its job.
that's a very interesting comment.

As to your question, No the metaborate solution was added as the third component, with the KBr last.
According to my dilution calculations (which may be incorrect), the required 35g/l of metaborate is equivalent to 140ml of a 25% solution + 860ml diluent.

However I have subsequently found a comment (can't find it again now), by none other an expert than PE, to the effect that Ascorbic acid can be temperamental in developers. Or at least that is how what I understood him to be saying.

As EAA is a "lab" developer, and my kitchen is certainly not a lab, nor I a lab technician, it's perhaps not surprising I've had inconsistent results.