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I have and will continue to say, the process, as near a magic bullet as you could hope for is much more about the creative manipulation of scene contrast than any sharpness gain, perceived or otherwise.
I'm not a believer in magic bullets, per se, but I am a believer in using processes designed to get specific results reliably.

What I'm getting at here is that you seem to expect a very specific result and expect to print in a very specific way, it would be helpful to understand that context.

I'm wondering for example, given that you are manipulating the shape of the curve (bending the shoulder to manage the highlights), it seems to me that to use your system and get both shadows and highlights to fall properly on paper (as a straight print), would require a camera exposure within a pretty tight window. Not that that is a problem, but it's not every bodies style of shooting either.

What are the limits, what constraints were necessary to make it reliable for you?