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I shoot the Leica R lenses (although, in it's own way, the Nikkor H 50 2.0 I have is every bit as good and a heck of a lot lighter). Never cared for the R cameras, except for the original Leicaflex and SL models. Those cameras are really nice, but far too big for a 35mm camera! A nice setup is a R 90 Elmarit w/ adapter screwed onto something like an EM or FG. I use my N8008s when I need more exact metering and the higher shutter speeds, but my Nikkormat FT2 works well in other situations. Sorry to say so much about Nikons, but their cameras really are superb. To me, the R series is about the glass.
Years ago I had the use of an R-3 MOT with the Summicron. I now have two of the 50mm Nikkor Hs, and comparing slides made with the two lenses, there is a slight difference in contrast and color balance; the Nikkors are reputed to have some barrel distortion but not having taken pictures of brick walls and test charts, I can't see it. There is a difference between the Summicron and the Nikkors but you have to work to see it. Those Nikkors are d@mn nice lenses!

The Leicaflex SL2 was the last 'echte' Leitz reflex, the R3 was actually based on a Minolta.