I had question about the so-called "pad of death" with the Electro 35; this is a condition in which a small pad that resets several switches during film advance degrades over time, resulting in aperture and other errors. Supposedly, a symptom is a loud click or thunk when advancing the film; when I tested the two cameras, the "plain" model (S/N: 91051649, BTW) had no audible sounds whatsoever when winding. The GS (S/N: H 200732) does make a loud click, but since I don't have any experience with how a Electro 35 with the "pad of death" sounds, I'm not sure if this click is normal or not. You're taking a chance, but at $50 + S/H, it's not a big risk.

The battery check on the "plain" model doesn't light, but the "Slow/Over" lamps function normally. Those are very fragile bulbs, and given the age, it's not unusual. The GS has a 1B filter installed. Both rangefinders appear clear to me, though there does seem to be a faint, blue haze. I'd consider that normal, as the mirrors inside are splitting the image; some light loss/color shifting should be expected.