My experience with three strateges

I have a dozen bulbs for V35

I used to run mine with the domestic power supply supplied by Leica for $125. Bulbs seemed to last forever at reduced brightness. It was all I could afford in1985 when the better one was $500.

I have since bought the better V35 power supply. It slowly warms the bulb to full brightness in 1/2 sec to 1 sec.

Buy 250 watt bulbs and run them on around 90 to 100 volts. You get effective 150 watt output. Or buy the 150 and run reduced voltage for effective 75 watts. Been doing this for decades and it works. Wire a wall dimmer to a box or use the really nice dimmer that came from Aristo. This is a beautifully made 1950 quality electric device. It is a Cadillac. The volt reducer is nice if you need the 250, but it heats the enlarger too much, and they do, for focusing.