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Question, when is it no longer "Blind"?

I forgot to send info on what my image was and settings etc.

I was wondering can I just post it here? I can't find the user to PM directly?

Are they even supposed to know who I am?

Well... If you get this image, these are the settings (although I remember it being 2 minutes not 60 seconds as the exposure time, however the sun was coming up over an hour period so perhaps this one was shorter (also I went from Velvia 50 to Velvia 100 and so maybe I shortened the exposure and didn't remember now that it's been over a year.

Well... Forgive me if this is the wrong move...

The print I sent...


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The recipient is supposed to know who you are once they have your print.

Ask Eugene (our intrepid leader anikin) for the APUG name of the recipient.

And your posting the photograph here (by way of the link) probably damages the "blind" nature of the exchange more than disclosing your identity.