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The Nikons I have are FG, F100, N60, D200. I have used an F2 (among others), and am still looking for one at a reasonable price. Don't get me wrong, I love my nikons and they surely do have some excellent glass out there! Part of my decision to go for the R leica is the glass can also be used on my Nikons. I happen to enjoy the compact size of the R4, and even though the design was originally partnered with Minolta, Leica still did quite a bit their own way. It is not just a Minolta body.
The R 90 Elmarit is the lens I have been looking at getting. Fortunately, my local lab/studio owner is a Leica fan and has the R lenses from 21 to 180 and a 70-200 zoom, she said I can try them out and see which one I would want to buy next.

Anyways, I am really enjoying using this camera!

No, it isn't. The R3 was a joy, so was the CL I also had the use of. I believe Minolta made the body casting, mirror box, electronics and other parts, but the camera was assembled and finished by Leitz with a Leitz/Copal electronic shutter, some in Germany and most in Portugal. The Minolta series developed in parallel with the R3 was the XE- series. My point was that the SL-2 was the last purely Leitz SLR, much as the 1931 8 Litre was the last true Bentley.