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I'd actually like to print with graded paper, but the way I've been processing my negs makes them print well at around grade 1. I don't think there are any graded papers around lower than 2 though. I could change my development times, but I still have years of negs that will print well at around grade 1. I had been scanning for a long time and the higher contrast negs seemed to scan better, so that's what I'm left with.
I keep one small pack of multigrade paper around for those negs that need 1 or 4... And I use graded 2 and 3 for all that I can. I develop my negs to aim for the middle between 2 and 3 (instead of aiming for 2 and sometimes needing 1), it tends to make ALL my negs fit one or the other. So I only occasionally need the multigrade.

Where I'm going with this line of thought, for you... You might have some relatively "flat" negatives that will fit grade 2 nicely. And sometimes a negative that "needs" grade 1 will look great on grade 2 with just a touch of dodging.

*That's "if" you want to use graded paper... You should be fine with multigrade and the advice you're getting here on this thread.