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I recently assembled a Mamiya 645 Super by buying a body, a film back and an AE Prism finder, all separately, on Ebay. I have now assembled it in accordance with the manual, but cannot get the shutter to fire, even in the 1/60th manual mode. The Multi button is not activated, or the Shutter Lock button. Is it because I havenít got a winder on the body? There is a winder on the film back, so I assumed this would have the same effect, but I suspect now that it doesnít. Also, is there a separate manual for the AE Prism finder?

I am speaking from memory, since I do NOT have that camera anymore.

As far as I can recall, to dry fire that camera, you MUST have dark slide removed, AND the multiple exposure lever ENABLED. There is not a winder in the film back. The winder (if you have it) is a separate attachment. You'd remove your hand crank and attach it to the side of the body. Make sure battery is fresh.