Well to give an update. I received the flash and loaded an old set of cells in it. They wouldn't even get the cap to make noise at first, so a good thump or two got it going. The cells were further drained than I had thought, wouldn't even bring the flash to ready, so I just left it for 30 minutes to sit. It finally got enough juice for one last flash. Switched the batteries out for a fresh set from another flash and it ramped up pretty good but again not right away. After doing the flash and sit routine for half a day it seems to be just fine now with fresh cells!

Its not a very advanced flash, manual push/pull zoom, decent power range and 180 degree pan/tilt head. The bounce reflector is something I haven't dealt with before, its clear with a matrix of silver ovals on it. The color cast is quite nice though. It'll just be another working piece of kit now.

Thanx all for the help!